A Better Me

Now exactly what does that mean you may ask. Well it means that no matter how accomplished we are, how many obstacles we have overcome, nor how many items we have been able to mark as done, we all have an opportunity to be better at being us. We all have an opportunity to complain less and conquer more, deviate less and develop more, and more and more and more.

You see, we will sometimes look at what we have done, and think that we have done a lot, and maybe so; but from there, we then may think that there is no need to do more. To think that we have done enough, and all we need to do is simply ride out the upcoming days, weeks, months, years, and decades until, well until we are no more, is thinking and living subserviently. For others, we want to by-pass the better and go straight to the best. Now that can present a challenge with an adverse affect.

First of all, a better me doesn’t speak to just one area of our lives, but it speaks to every area of our lives — a better person spiritually, socially, financially, physically, and mentally (not necessary in this particular order either). When we realize that we impact and influence others with our lives, in all or some areas of our lives, we then understand that as I become a better me, I have the propensity of helping someone to become better as well.

Secondly, jumping right into the best without experiencing the better means that we may by-pass key processes that are a part of our better journey. It also means that lessons learned to appreciate the accomplished goals are avoided in that process thereby making it necessary for them to show up somewhere else. Take it from me, later is not always better.

I remember, many years ago choosing to put off a matter that was unavoidable. That matter I was going to have to address at some point in my life. I chose later as opposed to dealing with it at that moment. I cannot tell you how far ahead I would have been if I had dealt with it then. I cannot tell you how many other doors would have opened in that moment had I dealt with it then. I can tell you, I am very grateful that I did address it instead of prolonging it any further. It was inevitable in my a better me journey. It would have been impossible for me to reach my best in that area of my life without first encountering the better in that situation.

And, because I dug my heels in, dealt with it (though much later than I should have), the results have become a part of my push, my life’s journey to encourage others and empower others on their journey to become a better me. So for us, for you and for me, we should, in every area of our lives strive to become a better me. And one of the best ways to accomplish that is to apply the following scripture:

I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return]. Philippians 1:6 AMP

A Better Me is For You

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