Preparation is Priceless

Empowerment for Your Life:

A few years ago, I heard someone say preparation is priceless.  Oh my did it resonate within me.  As I meditated on that intensely, I realized just how priceless preparation is.  But for me, it went beyond just preparing.  In order to raise my level of effectiveness, I had to properly prepare.

I began to look at the level of preparation I was putting into my responsibilities, assignments, etc. and recognized that I could do better.  See it wasn’t that I did not prepare, but I realized that I needed structure and guidelines that would yield better results from my times of preparation.    For example, I looked at the days that I spent preparing — almost everyday.  And what I discovered was everyday was simply too much, because it impeded my progress.

Here is what I discovered, I was more effective having one planning day, and then the other days were days of execution (right down to planning my rest).  Taking time to plan for those areas of responsibilities and my assignments, gave me targets to focus on.  And at the top of that day, it became important to review that which was prepared to determine if any modifications were necessary.  And if so, I made the adjustments.

Now you may think that is a lot of work.  Well initially, it may be, or simply appear to be.  But on the other side of doing so, (whether a couple of hours, half of a day, etc.), the return was well worth the investment.  So my question to you is, have you developed a preparation technique that works for you, your lifestyle and responsibilities?  If not, begin the process of developing one, and you can do so by taking the following actions:

  • Determine the best day of the week for you to set aside and plan your next 7 days. Choosing a day that you can sit, focus and plan, will be important.  Not only is the day you select important, but the time of day is as well.
  • Include your rest/personal time in your preparation.  And at the top of everyday, and every plan, you should include your daily devotional time with God.
  • Get a calendar, plug it in, and be accountable for your week.

At the end of the week, you will be able to reflect back and see the level of progress you are making.  Sometimes, we accomplish far more that’s we realize; and sometimes we accomplish far less.  But taking the steps to properly prepare will add value to your life that is priceless.

Have an amazing week properly preparing because proper preparation is priceless.

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