Quit Quitting

Empowerment for Life:

Well, if you know me, you may ask the question “Who is she talking to?” Let me answer if I may. I am talking to you, to me, and anyone else who thinks about quitting on something or someone that is a part of God’s purpose and plan for our lives.

Many years ago, I had someone whom I admired and appreciated so much to tell me to quit quitting. While I recognized that he and his wife were sent by God to impact and affect mine and my husband’s lives, those two words I did not want to hear. See, I was viewing quitting as walking away and totally disconnecting. He was viewing quitting as staying there but choosing not to continue in my current assignment. Needless to say, he was right and I was wrong.

The toughest thing for many of us is to yield and complete the assignment, because of the obstacles and everything else that is attached to it that we just did not like. But the most rewarding is seeing the finished product, and how much of a better person we can become by completing the assignment. Getting the job done helps us to realize that it was in us from the beginning to finish what we started. Not only that, but it will help us to mature; teach us how to navigate through difficult people and circumstances; and it identifies gifts and talents within us that perhaps otherwise, we would not have known were there.

Listen, the other thing we may not consider is that not finishing can yield another level of disappointment and frustration within us. And this has the potential of making others miserable, or simply impacting them negatively. Here is something we all must understand — those that we are called to influence, may very well have a greater impact on others in their journey because of the impact we have had on them. Think about it, our goodness, gifts and getting the job done skills are not just for us — they are for the benefit of others. Of course, we reap the rewards and benefit of having done it, but it still for the benefit of others.

So, if you are considering quitting, or if you have already quit, and you know it was for you to finish it (whatever it is), get back to it! As hard as it may be, if you finish, the gratification you will receive, and the blessing others will receive, will have you both saying I am so glad you did not quit!

Quit Quitting!

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