Show Up

Empowerment for Your Life:

Here is something that I want to remind you of (hoping that you already know it) — you are amazing! There are some qualities, characteristics and features in each of us that make us unique. And while we can be doing the same thing, our uniqueness and individuality makes that same thing different.

One of’s definitions of DNA is:

the set of nongenetic traits, qualities, or features that characterize a person or thing: Humility is just not in her DNA.

So when you start working your craft, sharing your thoughts, making your contributions, or whatever you are doing, do not forget to Show Up. Show up and be you, all of you. Show up and make a difference, leave a positive impression, change the atmosphere, lead the way, etc. Whatever the requirement is to leave others encouraged and refresh do it. Do not think that because others are there and have spoken, you need to be quiet.

My mother would say to me growing up, “Remember it is not what you say, but how you say it”. So say it, letting God get the glory from you and letting someone else encounter their “ah ha moment” because you showed up. Someone, while they may not tell you, is banking on a deposit being made in their lives, and who is to say that is is not your turn to make a deposit — show up.

Someone will possibly overcome their challenge, shortcomings, obstacles because you did not just come, but you showed up. And for that, they leave feeling and being amazed, because you are amazing when you show!

Show Up

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