The Worst Thing that Could Happen

It is amazing that we can finish a sentence like this when we conjure up reasons to not fulfill a dream, assignment, goal, or requirement. And yet, the same is not true when it comes to getting the job done. For instance, how often do we think about the benefits of digging in and getting it done? Now prior to thinking about that, do we not instead focus on the immediate and possible distant obstacles prior to really thinking about the benefits?

What I think we all have a tendency to do from time to time, is take too long of a pause because of our ability to see more clearly the obstacles and challenges, than we see the end result — the benefits. I believe our nature to not focus as quickly on the benefits and the outcome results from how we have trained ourselves to think, speak and respond.

We are all gifted I do believe, and we all have something to offer that others can gleam and grow from. And when we recognize the contributions we make are of great value to more than just us, and that it is the plan of God for our lives, we can then empower ourselves to go forth and trust God. Why, because He knows what He is doing.

Instead, we think sometimes more about what we think others might think. Now that is a lot of thinking, let me say it again — we think about what we think others might think. We actually become experts as someone else’s thoughts while we become inefficient in guiding our own. And the worst thing that can happen is nothing else happens in us fulfilling the assignment. Nothing at all if we stop moving forward, nothing if we stand still because of what we think someone else thinks — nothing that could be of benefit to anyone who has the need to see the end result.

We speak to truth as it relates to our God given vision, but we stop speaking to the vision when someone else speaks. Well, hello — where were they when God gave you this dream, idea, vision, etc? Who authorized them to interpret the vision God gave to you? And why have you given them authority to speak into an area that God never intended for them to speak into? The worst thing that could possibly happen when you decide to no longer listen to them, could be the best thing that needed to happen — they no longer speak to you about your God given vision.

Listen, speaking to you about this comes out of professional and personal experience. When I changed the trajectory of my thoughts, and made a choice to continue to speak to the vision as given to me by God, it yielded peaceful fruit and powerful fortitude to finish until the mission was complete. Peaceful fruit in that whenever I do what God tells me to do, I have peace because I am in the will of God. And that peace gives me powerful fortitude to keep going, and keep going, and keep going, until finally — the mission is complete.

So moving forward consider not asking yourself so quickly what is the worst thing that can happen. But instead, consider asking yourself, how much longer am I willing to make God, along with those who He already knows will benefit from my obedience to wait as well. Just reading these two options offer a different degree of focus. Now don’t stop here with this question, instead take a few minutes and right down others statements and questions that you can use to help you continue on your journey until the mission is complete. Go, Do, Done!

The Worst Thing that Could Happen

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