Words to Live By

Empowerment for Your Life:

Have you ever said something and wished that you had not? If so, your regret was more than likely because of the results you recognized those words could produce. Those words probably had the potential to change a relationship; a business decision, or even you. The underlining truth is that our words have power, and you and I are, for the most part, are living in the world that we have created with our words.

The words we speak, text and write can impact our lives for a very long time. Words are like decisions — the decisions we make in life are long-lasting and life-changing. So it is with words — the impact they have are long-lasting and life-changing. We want to use words and make decisions that will have a profitable, positive, and powerful long-lasting and life-changing impact on us and those who read, hear or are made aware of our words.

Now depending on how you have used words, this may take some practice before you get into a flow of using words that get results that glorify God and edify others. My mother would often remind me, it is not what you say, it is how you say it. To that I also add, it is not just what you hear, but how you receive it.

Do not become a recipient of negative, hurtful, degrading words spoken by others. Whether they are spoken about you are someone you know. It is important that we ourselves remember that we are on a journey in which we do not always get it right, say it right or do it right ourselves. The grace and mercy we want extended to us, we must be willing to extend to others.

So today, speak profitable, positive and powerful words. Speak words that will create the world that you want to live in, and an environment that you can thrive in. Speak words that will change mindsets and create a momentum in your life and others that will change the trajectory of your life.

Say what the Word of God says about you and others, then you will begin to create with your words the world you want to live in. We can begin by saying I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Or, it is He that has given me the ability to obtain wealth. There are so many more scriptures to live by; and speaking these two with consistency will have a long-lasting and life-changing impact on your life.

Words to Live By

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